Adding a new page using "direct" schema throws an error

Adding a new page in a project which is setup to use codegen with the “direct” schema generates me a page which has some errors in it:

Hello! The “direct” scheme has been deprecated; please use the “blockbox” scheme instead.

blackbox :grin:

Oh! Well… is there a chance it will be supported again in the future? I find that scheme very useful.

Definitely possible in the future, we just are too small a team right now to juggle it and do it justice at the moment

Is it mainly ejecting “plain” React code that is valuable to you? That would be a lot easier to support than the fancier “direct” scheme we’ve been doing (where we were trying to merge your changes and new generated changes - that’s a lot harder)

I can totally understand and relate to such “resource capacity” problems! Ejecting plain React code would be absolutely sufficient, I can do the merge with git if needed.