Adding supabase-js as a npm dependency


First of all, I wanted to say that Plasmic has been a pleasure to use so far. Not only for me as a developer but also for our designer. Their Figma background has almost completely transferred to the Plasmic interface!

Now my question, is it possible to add custom npm packages to Plasmic just like we can add lodash and axios?

I’m interested in using supabase for auth (without Plasmic auth) and queries. Having access to supabase-js directly (+ RLS) would greatly simplify our app development process.

We’re using codegen so, in theory, we should be able to add the dependency directly in the code, but then the Plasmic UI won’t work anymore, right?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @rodolfo_toledo.

You can register Components from your own codebase by following this doc: Using code components in Plasmic Studio | Learn Plasmic
You can also register Functions from your codebase Registering custom functions | Learn Plasmic

Hi Ícaro, my apologies for missing that part of the docs. Thank you for the quick response