After syncing Plasmic component, regenerating entire component

Hi, everyone.

My name is Beatriz and I work for, a Brazilian crowdfunding platform.
Recently me and my coworkers started getting to know Plasmic as a tool, creating a Plasmic project and cloning it to a remote repository on GitHub.
However, we are facing an issue regarding code versioning and the creation/ styling of a new element on the Plasmic App. Here’s the situation:

After we created a simple button on the App, we, in the code, created a function on the component’s archive that fetches a simple API.
After that we’ve committed this modification to Github successfully merging that to the repository.
The problem is, after that, when we simply changed the color of the said button on the Plasmic App, and used plamisc sync on our code, the function we created on the element’s code was overwritten, as if the color change created a whole new element.

As I believe this should not be happening, do you have any tips on how we can get around this?

Hello Beatriz! We always generate two files per component, “PlasmicButton” and “Button”, you can change the Button file to customize and add anything you want to, and the PlasmicButton is usually overwritten when you sync. (also if you prefer, you can talk with me by dm in portuguese)

also I’m an user since 2018, it’s awesome that you are getting to know Plasmic!