Any code component module in Plasmic to easily access external component libraries?

Hi Plasmic Team, just curious if there are any plans to implement a code component module in Plasmic that would allow us to more easily access external component libraries, ie a headless component module that would come with a number of libraries integrated and make it easy to add others.

Hey @nursing_earwig, have you taken a look at our component store? It’s available in the big blue + icon on the top left. We are always integrating with new libraries and if you have suggestions of wanted packages feel free to drop them at ideas or contribute in our github repo

@icaro thank you for the quick reply. what I see there is super basic with only a few components shown. What I was really asking is whether you had considered a headless component store where you gather and organize the many react component libraries that are out there like a marketplace and then expose them in the component area. right now its a bit cumbersome to try to get to that and there isn’t much available. also you could allow designers to monetize their design systems on here by allowing them to upload and sell them.

@nursing_earwig Thanks for the feedback, this is exactly where we hope to take expanding the component store…