Any detailed videos on how to implement a code component?

@yang @chungwu Would you guys happen to have any detailed videos on how to implement a code component? I have 2 React developers having a difficult time implementing some custom code using Framer Motion and Tailwind CSS as a component within Plasmic. The main hardships aren’t within Plasmic, mostly after npx create-plasmic-app has been completed.

Hi @costly_lungfish,
Can you share the requirements for the final component that you want to register using code component. I haven’t used Framer Motion before but I might help you in this regards.

@zonal_mammal Thank you very much. Did you want me to share the code with you as well?

That would be great if possible.

@zonal_mammal I’ve sent you a DM for further discussion

@costly_lungfish We can produce something here, in the meantime do you have any details on where you are hitting issues?

@yang Thanks for reaching out. I have Asim Assisting me with this, I’ll report back if we have any further issues that arise. Thx

Thanks for sharing the starter pack @costly_lungfish.

I have just published a video to explain and demonstrate the usage of Code Components in general and to solve the particular problem you are facing. :raised_hands:

Let me know if you face any error while following the video.

@zonal_mammal Legend! :100: