Any easy way to debug component errors?

Is there any easy way to debug compent errors? It justs error value must not be undefined or null code component is expected to have an implementation… so I am clearly doing something very very wrong

Hmmmm, I believe this error happens if Plasmic studio can not find the implementation for your component, for example if you register a component that does not exist:

PLASMIC.registerComponent(null, { ... });

is that I am using js not ts a possible cause of it?

I have tried moving the file everywhere

is that I am using js not ts a possible cause of it?
No, although TS helps avoiding type errors

I have tried moving the file everywhere
You mean your component file? Can you share your plasmic-init file (assuming that’s the file where you’re registering your component)?

yea I mean the first import works so I presume its an issue of the second import reference

No I put the registion in like EVERY file. I had it in plasmic-host, _app, and and had it in plasmic init

none worked though i dont currently have a plasmic init file. It doesnt seem the CLI generates one if you use codegen

Yeah, if you’re using codegen you don’t need a plasmic-init file. Can you share your plasmic-host, then?

(no content)

like the url domain im running from local host right now

or u just need like a project id

I mean plasmic-host.jsx file contents

import * as React from 'react';
import Script from 'next/script';
import { PlasmicCanvasHost, registerComponent } from '@plasmicapp/host';
import {FormHook } from "/components/CodeComponents/Form"

// You can register any code components that you want to use here; see
// <>
// And configure your Plasmic project to use the host url pointing at
// the /plasmic-host page of your nextjs app (for example,
// <http://localhost:3000/plasmic-host>).  See
// <>

// registerComponent(...)
registerComponent(FormHook, {
  name: 'FormHook',
  props: {
    name: 'string',
    dob: 'string',
  importPath: "../components/CodeComponents/Form",

export default function PlasmicHost() {
  return <PlasmicCanvasHost />;

ive moved the import path to every variation of that

for importPath the top import works fine

I believe you should replace:

import {FormHook } from "/components/CodeComponents/Form"

with a relative path to your code component:

import { FormHook } from "../components/CodeComponents/Form";

because I don’t think you can use absolute imports like “/components/…” in Next.js :thinking_face:

yea ive tried that part

Can you share your components/CodeComponents/Form file?