Any future plans to support for React Native?

Does Plasmic have any plans, even in the distant future, to support React Native? I’m guessing it could be difficult since CSS and layout is quite a bit different for that target. But I can’t help but think that it would make Plasmic even more of a killer app.

I guess plasmic store data in json format. Thus it’s possible to produce RN output. The issue is the the budget and talents.

As far as I can tell they rely on the CSS layout engine. Which is great, because there’s a 1 to 1 relation between real CSS and Plasmic design stuff.

But the React Native Layout engine has to effectively rebuild this layout engine from the ground up. And I’m not sure it’s entirely 1 to 1. If it’s not, Plasmic will have to account for those discrepancies. It’s not impossible as far as I can tell.

So yeah- it’s definitely an issue of time/budget/talent. I’m curious if they’ve managed to justify the effort enough to put it on the roadmap, even a year away or something. Or if it’s something they aren’t going to focus on in the foreseeable future, which I could understand as well, as far as trying to remain focused.

Although “plans” might be too strong a word :sweat_smile: it is something we’re considering as a long-term possibility (a year is likely too soon). But for now we are focused on the web.

(There are indeed differences in layout, such as how flexbox works. There are also other complications like non-inheritance of typographic styles. Many problems to solve…)

I’m mostly react on web and flutter on mobile. So, RN really not hurry for me. But I would like to wish for plasmic codegen on remix :grin:

Remix is cooool. There is always a better one when you get used to something.