Any performance concerns with displaying 100 products?

Hi! Can you please help me with advice on how to approach the project…and how best to use plasmic? 1. I am making a next js-snipcart store for 100 products. 2. Now I can do this: integrate snipcart in the code and integrate plasmic loader and configure all 100 products in plasmic using html attributes, but how practical is it, I can probably even create a separate project for products and import it into the main project, but still from the point of view of plasmic performance and the whole application is this normal?

Hi, happy to help

If you want your page to display 100 products, then you can certainly do it like that, there’s nothing slower about authoring this in Plasmic

No, I wanted to say that in general there will be about 100 items in my store. 1. Tell me how to implement it normally then, provided that I have only 100 products and they are divided into 5-7 categories. Is it better for me to create one product and one category and use codegen and redefine it in the code? 2. will I be able to filter by category in plasmic? 3. Is it better for me to use loader or codegen ?

One approach I recommend starting with is this:

  1. Use @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs
  2. Create one product component, like you mentioned, and then render+override it however you want from the code: <PlasmicComponent component="ProductCard" componentProps={{...}}/>
  3. You can implement any logic (for filtering, etc.) in your code
    Let me know if that makes sense!

Thank you I will try

I should mention also that my above suggestion is assuming you are the main user of Plasmic

If you’re setting up Plasmic for others to use, then using code components will be much nicer