Any plans to support Shopify Hydrogen?

Hi, now that Shopify Hydrogen is out of beta, do you have any specific plans on supporting it further? We are looking into this for a client vs next.js commerce

100%. We were following this project since early on:

Stay tuned…


Once hydrogen-ui is merged in (this week??) seems like that will be a great swap in for plasmic commerce. Should we start building our own or will you be dropping it pretty quickly?

Hi, @yang any updates on this?

HI @provincial_cow - we actually quietly released Hydrogen support a couple weeks back! We have yet to announce it, but the docs are here:

hi @yang We are trying to integrate Plasmic following the guide. Running into some issues. Also, should we disregard anything in the demo Github here? It seems out of date

Hi @scientific_porpoise, what issues are you encountering? And yes, please disregard the GitHub repo, it should have a note indicating that it is out of date

Hey @yang, I’m working with @scientific_porpoise on this project. I’m gonna send you the Project ID in a PM. We cannot get any page/content to show whether using the Auto-Load or the Single Page. We’ve worked on it for a couple hours and no luck. Could you take a look?

Yeah we’ll take a look!

Thanks @yang and @chungwu Appreciate your help with getting this up and running!