Any way to bring back the old insert menu?

Is there a way to get back the old popup for adding new elements instead of that big menu on the left side?
I liked the popup much more and it was faster for me adding elements. Anybody else?

Thanks for the feedback, what do you find slower in the new ux?

First of all it’s not near the pointer anymore. You have to look to the left side, then write in the searchbox what you want to add. Scrolling would be so much more time consuming. If there’s more than one result for the search, you have to write more into the box or move the mouse from right to left, maybe scroll through the results and click on it.
Next thing I’m really missing: before, after and inside. I really have to look in which element I’m in and have to switch before adding, if it should be after the element I’m in.
Also the big preview irritates me. As I’m not a beginner I know a vertical stack does this, a responsive column looks like that and text is for… well… text… I would get the right element a lot faster without the preview. So a switch like “professional mode” and “beginner mode” would be fine maybe.

Thanks for the feedback here, and by the way I also agree with your points! We will work on improving the situation

Thank you very much in advance.