Any way to limit access of app-hosted Plasmic to only Plasmici-specific IPs?

Hi, thanks for creating Plasmic, it looks amazing.

I got a question about hosting Plasmic Studio in my app:
Is there any suggested method to limit the access of Plasmic app host page to only from official Plasmic servers/sevices?
I am thinking for example if all the requests will come from some specific IP ranges, then I can just whitelist them in Nginx.

Thanks @national_dragonfly !

The plasmic servers actually do not directly communicate with your app including your plasmic host page. The content editors that are opening plasmic Studio are the ones who will be fetching the plasmic host page in their browser. Your app is simply wrapped in an outer frame that is running on

Please let me know if that makes sense!

Thanks, ys it make sense.
Didn’t think it would work like that, but my whitelisting is probably even easier in this case.