API uptimes and team permissions

Hi Plasmic Team, I am deeply impressed with what plasmic has been able to deliver and so far from our internal testing we’re very happy with that plasmic is able to deliver. We’re currently considering using plasmic on production apps and were just wondering if there is any uptime record or monitoring system. As the only remaining major concern is what would happen in case the plasmic APIs were to stop working at some point in time. Another feature that I would love to know more about is the team permissions, as i can’t seem to be able to find what level of granularity team permissions would grant.

Hi @fine_kangaroo - great to hear!

On permissions, you can choose who on your team has owner/editor/viewer permissions to either the entire team, or to specific projects or workspaces (groups of projects). And we do support a number of enterprise customers with SLAs including API uptime monitoring.

Please let me know when you can hop on a quick chat about your needs: https://cal.mixmax.com/yangplasmic/sm (Or let me know if other times work better for you)

Are there any plans to make permissions and roles more granular?
The ability to limit what certain users can and cannot do when editing is something my team really needs in a CMS.