App authentication user properties query issues.

App authentication - User Properties query issues - I have a project where app authentication is enabled and I configured a user properties query that loads custom user properties from an external database.

This worked until I needed to make changes to the user properties query. After making changes and clicking Save, if I return to the User properties window to make further changes to the query, the old query is shown instead of the changes just made (which were tested and previewed before “saving”).

The even stranger part is that if I reload the project by refreshing the entire browser window, the new query changes are shown, but the issue can be reproduced again.

So making changes to the user properties query saves the changes but doesn’t subsequently load the changes until after reloading the project. This does add quite a bit of overhead if you’re actively working on setting up a user base with custom user properties and need to test and make changes multiple times in the user properties window.

Hi Andrei, a fix is being pushed for it

Awesome, thanks!

@fmota The fix must have pushed because now it seems to work as intended. However, I would like to know if any changes made in User Properties are live? Do they take effect immediately when the query is saved, without having to “Publish” the project?

Yes, they are actually live, once you hit save they immediately take effect, is this problematic on your use case ? I saw that you related that you do changes multiple times in the user properties window

@fmota Yes, this could be problematic, given the issues with integrations I posted about recently here:

As this is an evolving project with an evolving data structure, often times I need to change the user properties query to reflect changes or additions to user meta (team associations, permissions, etc.)

If the changes are live, means any error in queries or permissions will instantly affect the user experience on the site, which can be a huge problem.

I would imagine this would follow the same mechanism as any other changes to a project… they would only take effect on the site once published.

Yes, it’s a valid point, thanks for pointing it out, I will see how this can be improved

Thanks, Felipe.