Artboards are not loading in Hydrogen localhost

The Desktop/Mobile Views on Plasmic Studio are not loading forcing us to restart localhost or refresh browser. It’s quite frustrating since it takes a couple of refreshes & restarts for it to start to load properly. And seems like this is happening every time we are changing pages.

We’re integrated with Shopify Hydrogen, everything seems to be set up properly on our end. Not sure why this is happening.

Seems this issue fixed itself :thinking_face:

Was there a specific time range you were experiencing this in? Or has it been going on for a long time?

We were having the same issue since a couple of days

We usually work from 10:00am PDT to 4/6pm PDT. I don’t recollect experiencing it specifically within a time-range though

I think it was happening cause we were running off local-host earlier

Got it. We have also experienced multiple flakiness issues with Vite on localhost, such as trying to load the same page multiple times causing Vite to break, unfortunately. (IIRC the Hydrogen team also told us they experienced similar flakiness with Vite) cc @chungwu

One workaround is to load a single artboard at a time with focus mode (F). We’re still thinking about how to handle this better…