Beta testing for Teams and Workspaces

<!channel> Beta testing for Teams and Workspaces

We are really excited to be launching teams and workspaces soon, which has been a big painpoint for our users. Previously, all Plasmic projects were owned by an individual account, who had to share individual projects to each collaborator they wanted to work with. With teams, creating and sharing projects between teammates have never been easier, now with project ownership rooted in the team. With this foundation we will begin to roll out new premium features only available to teams, including shared workspaces, team roles/permissions, and other new premium features.

Along with these changes, will soon begin to enforce our free tier limits as advertised in our pricing page
For more information, please check out our FAQ:

If you are interested in getting an early sneak peak, please join our beta testing. DM me a list of emails of users from your team that will want to try this.