Better docs improvements

Idea - Better Docs!
So I’m trying to get started with either the CLI or installing to React following the given instructions.

  1. First I tried to create plasmic app option failed with a 504 message, I wanted to use just Javascript so selected that… but I don’t know if that was the issue.
  2. Then I tried to setup a create React app install following the instructions given in the docs to add Plasmic. I wasn’t able to add AppRoot to my React project, I tried the obvious import but it failed to work and just deleted it - the instructions should be really clear and noddy to make the thing just work.
  3. Finally I decided to use all the defaults and a blank installation which worked.
    The docs are a real struggle for me. They are fuzzy and have gaps that a developer would probably navigate without difficulty. Could the content be aligned better to different target audiences with clearly recommended pathways to learning both Studio and Code?

Code in particular is something a non-developer can benefit from understanding. If I get the basics I can identify opportunities for the product beyond its application for content layout/design. For example, I want to explore the product for rapidly prototyping ideas with production data and A/B testing. In order to do that:

  1. I would like to get Plasmic running in code with one-click and without any effort make UI changes in Studio and see them in a browser.
  2. I want to add a page in Studio and see it appear immediately in the browser via my own code (I added a page in Studio and nothing happens in my code because I had to find the instructions to running watch in a separate tab)
  3. I’d like to understand how to add components in code
  4. I want to learn how to add production data
    Am sure I miss a few things, but thought I’d share anyway.

Fantastic feedback @previous_hookworm, thank you. We’ll digest this.