Blog page templates to set blog content

I’ve got some blog pages, where I have a common basic blog page template, and then I’m using dangerouslySetInnerHTML to set the blog’s content:

function Content_(props: ContentProps, ref: HTMLElementRefOf<"div">) {
  const rest = props as DefaultContentProps;
  return <PlasmicContent root={{ ref, render: () => <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: props.documentContent}}/> }} {} />;

The attached HTML doesn’t really have spaces between paragraphs (if you just open it in a browser, for instance), but on our site we have a crazy number of spaces (in the attached image there’s like 10 spaces above the first image, and then multiple spaces between paragraphs for no reason).


Try setting style={{whiteSpace:"normal"}} on your div

thank you!