Bug found with field key in form component

I thought I was going mad, but confirmed this is a bug in plasmic. Or maybe its just a quirk beyond my knowledge.

First, form input field’s state variable are not available as on change interactions.

I thought to bypass this easily with on change → run code

My purpose is to reset select and text input, so I thought $state.targetSelect.value=null would be suffice.

It only works when field-key are not set both in the onChange trigger field and target field, if any one of them is set, the code does not work.

But a form without field-key doesn’t work …


Here’s the blank test form structure

I tried $state.form.field-key.value = null, which only change the backend variable, not the GUI

Is there any workaround?

Hello @robin_xiao.
Can you try using the Run element action in our interactions sidebar? There, you’ll find the action to Clear fields for a selected form.

LMK if this answers your question!

Are there any updades on this? I struggle with the same issue.
I have a form field that is calculated on another. I can calculate the value with code properly. But I can’t trigger it, because the onChange of the origin field doesn’t fire.
Using the form on Change isn’t nice either, because I change a form field, which will trigger it once again and again…