Bug found with updating form entries (prefilling data) from tables (using selectedrowkeys) in studio builder

i found this issue when i select data within my tables. I want it to populate my form with the selected table data (rows). This works when initially inserting the form and connecting a table in simplified mode, however as soon as you try to hide any specific columns (like id, user_id, dates for example) then the selection population of the form stops working. It does not change but stays static with whatever is in the form at the time. Also, as soon as you go out of simplified mode, it stops populating also. Is this a bug or am i just missing something?

Hi, I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue, could you send me the project where you are seeing this behavior, feel free to dm me in Plasmic Community if required.

Hi Lewis, I rang into the same issue, been posting here ,I also found quite a few other bugs with the form component Slack

if you simply want to populate the field, after you turn off simplified mode, you need to set the array on the form level, not individual form field level

see example here