Build failing after 2 weeks of no changes.

Any idea what might be causing this?

We didn’t touch the code for sometime and it was working just fine about 2 weeks ago. It fails doing a build.

cc: @illustrious_panther

hi! what’s the project ID?

hi @attractive_wasp! it should be fixed now (you might need to publish a new version)

Hello, experiencing the same error now:

the project ID is: m346pcWog9ZUXF7VoSYrAb

Hi @illustrious_panther could you try publishing a new version of the project?

hello @chungwu the build still fails

Hmm are there components whose name start with _ that are being used?

ah yes, we are using that for pages to be hidden :bow:

That’s usually OK, but if there are components starting with _ that are being used from other components, there would be error because those components won’t be available to be used

ohh, got it. Let me get back to you with this will check. Thank you @chungwu

You could go through each _ component, right click, and select “find all references” to see which is being used by another component

Found the offending component~ :tada: rebuilding now

The build proceeds now, thank you very much @chungwu! :sparkles:

Hi @chungwu I have a question, do we inject styles/global.css to the deployed sites?

• We have modified this to import a font.
• Upon deployment, it seems that the font was not imported
• But in the studio, the font was loaded