Built-in components getting listed unexpectedly

Was an update introduced to intentionally list basic components that don’t yet exist in a Plasmic project? Now when I search for “Button” it lists an unstyled basic component first. Eventhough the component does not exist in my component explorer.

Previously, it would only display actual components that I have in the project.


Previous implementation for me was more convenient so if I searched for “Button” the only result was the button from my imported project Style Guide


I’m not sure if this change was intentional. If it was intentional, then I would suggest this instead:
• include basic components in the component explorer of new blank plasmic projects.
• That way new users have easy search for components that they can play with,
• while current users aren’t burdened with duplicate, unstyled components when searching for a component

Hey @frantic_duck! Thank you for reporting this. It was also reported in https://plasmiccommunity.slack.com/archives/C01NR9R0MS7/p1651374244398599 We are looking into it to improve the experience.

Thanks! It’s great how fast you guys move