Can I copy an element on the page and paste it elsewhere with overrides?

How can I copy an element on a page, paste it somewhere else on the page, and have all overrides preserved?

I.e. all local overrides

Hi Øivind, I didn’t get your question, could you be more explicit about it ? Are you referring to a component ? Which override is being lost ?

Hi @fmota! If I create e.g. a div, then say it should have different styles across the different view-widths… then try to copy it and paste it to the same page, these overrides for different widths are lost

This is super annoying…

Okay, this seems to be likely a bug, which style prop is being lost for you, the intended behavior is to have overrides being copied, I just tried with Width here and is working

@fmota the issues we have seen are usually related to margins