Can I resync designs from Plasmic to Figma?

Also, As design is an ever evoloving process, if I create design in Figma and import it in Plasmic. Then after changes in design in Figma, can they be auto added without disturbing the design elements in Plasmic?

Not sure I fully understand, but you cannot resync designs from figma to plasmic if that is what you are asking

So, incase the designs are updated in figma, how can we sync them with those already imported design? Will we have to start again from scratch?

You can’t—mainly because Figma cannot represent the needed structure and concepts. Even trivial things—how do you represent max-width? How do you indicate what’s a button vs link vs div? Etc. And of course much more abstract things. We elaborate more in It’s not impossible! But it’s complicated to define what it even means to re-sync, when you have made changes on both ends or have refactored the component structure.