Can we use CMS data as prop value?

Hello! Does anyone have an idea if we could use CMS data as prop value? e.g. I have list of url links in my CMS and I want to use it as a prop value for text link.

Hi @attractive_wasp, yes today you can do this using the “CMS Entry Value” wrapper around another component or element.

(It’s a bit clunky to use right now, and we are soon releasing some features to make this whole use case simpler - if you are in a bind, then that should unblock you for now)

Hi @yang, I’m also exploring using CMS data in Studio as well. I wasn’t able to find “CMS Entry Value” as a component nor as an option in the right-click context menus. Could you tell me how to use this feature?

Hi @insufficient_clam, when you press the big plus button in the top left corner, and type cms, what do you see? Also I’m assuming you have already added plasmic CMS to your project like this?

Ah I didn’t add the package yet. Sorry, and thanks for helping!