Can you have distinct creator vs author roles?

Hi guys, currently assessing plasmic for a client. Question: i read the non freemium plans bring in team roles. what exactly do they do? E.g. use case. Can you have “creator” and “author” role? Like the creator creates components and page templates and the author fills them with real content? I am aware that this is not (i think) the fundamental idea of plasmic.

We don’t yet have that division, but that’s something we’ll be working on soon! Plasmic often is used in this way – a team of developers and designers build the components, and a team of content creators fill in and maintain the content

@chungwu ok thanks. i think it makes sense. Even a step further: as far as i can see there is no way to connect external data sources (graphql e.g.) so the author would be even able to connect a certain component property to external data. that would be a truly “no code” approach. We have the case where all content is created in a headless cms but the page building is supposed to happen in a builder like plasmic.

That’s actually a pretty common pattern for our users, who implement code components that fetch data from their data sources, and provide the data to other code components that read from it. See

We have plans to make this easier! What external data sources are you using?

Is there any way to get data from other databases?
looking forward to hearing about this feature.

Hi @miniature_horse, the above dock
s are the best starting point for learning how to create components that fetch data from arbitrary backends, but we also have some examples here, for instance for strapi and contentful

Anything where you have a REST or Graphql API, really.

What data sources do you have in mind?