Can you save the output of the visual editor into your own database?

We are looking to add a visual page editor to our application to allow our customers to create their own templates for pages. Is there a way to save the output of the visual editor into our own database?

Hi @delicious_hare, you can use the API to consume designs as compiled modules, and you can also use codegen to generate the raw react source files for the designs. In both cases you will be able to save that data anywhere and deploy the code into your own tech stack.

Oh I think I misunderstood the application. I was thinking we could embed the editor in the app and was trying to figure out how to control access to particular pages. But I think the designs only edited through the studio, which would make the use case pretty much internal only. Am I correct? Thanks for the quick answer. BTW, looks like you’ve got a nice product, even if its not for our use case.

You’re right that it’s not actually advertised, but product-level embedding is a use case we do for a couple of B2B products and are open to discussing

I’d love to talk to someone about that, perhaps next week if available?