Cannot convert text with links into slots

Happy new year everybody! We currently convert text fields to slots to implement language localization (i.e. we convert the text to a slot, name the slot with a prefix, then pick up all slots with such prefix with a script). However, whenever there are hyperlinks within a text field, the conversion to a slot fails (without an error message). Are there any ways around this? What can we do instead? Thank you.

Eek! We’ll look into this. Will localization work if the slot is not just for a plain string (ie if it contains links etc?)

Thank you @chungwu Yes, my understanding is that html tags are fine.

I also noticed that as soon as some html (e.g. bolding a word) is added to a slot, it is converted back to a text field.

Hey @easy_jellyfish, happy new year! I’m trying to reproduce the issue to address the bug but I’m unable to do so. Could you point me to the project / component / element where it’s happening?

Hi Tiago, just sent you a note on how to reproduce. Thx.