Cannot pass parameters into HTML REST API?

I am trying to download component HTML from the rest api for embedding within pages…

I cannot figure out how to pass parameters into these components. Note that hydration is disabled. The components have a property “Right SIde”, and by setting this, the stars should go to the right side, but they are not. Image 1 shows the stars. Image 2 shows the HTML for the two components

I can see the data-plasmic-component-props set correctly (I think) for the one that should be on right, but nothing is happening…


  1. Is hydration needed to make these components adhere to props?
  2. Should the prop be passed in some other format? (would be nice if examples could be given on the page aboe)

@icaro ideas?

My guess would be that the prop name for the component is not exactly Right Side, but something like rightSide? I need to see the component to make sure tho