Cannot use Plasmic hosting with custom code components

Hello. I’ve generated a GitHub repo of my Plasmic project and got the development server running (localhost:3000) as the app-host. It works great. I see all my code components rendering in the app. However, when I publish the site live via Plasmic hosting, I do not see them. Is there a way to use Plasmic hosting with custom code components, or am I required to find another service to run my Next.js server from, and point the app-host at that?

Hi, if you are integrating with your own code base and accessing your own code components, then you’ll need to deploy somewhere with your actual application running. Plasmic hosting doesn’t have access to your application or code base, and is only appropriate for projects that don’t have code base integration. We don’t upload a copy of your source code or anything like that. Instead, you can deploy your code base to a hosting provider such as Vercel or netlify. Will work to make this more clear in the ui, but hope that helps for now!

No worries. I spun up a Netlify. Yes, a UI notification would be great.