Can't switch owner role in project.

A colleague (overzealous designer :sweat_smile:) created an account, a team, then invited me. But actually I am the person being responsible for tech stuff. Now I am at role level “developer” while he is the “owner”. Problem is now that I cannot set a domain for hosting, and I expect other “issues” like those to arise. It’s too cumbersome to explain him how to do these things. Is there a way for you to switch owner roles or making us both as “owner”? If so, I’d be happy to share the project ID as well as confirming identity by sending an email from the owner email to legitimate the request

Hi @testy_echidna no problem, happy to help, can you let me know what is the team ID? And yes please have the owner email to confirm, thanks

Thank you very much, he is about the send out the email that also contains the team ID. please let me know if you need anything in addition :slightly_smiling_face: