Can't switch to Data Picker in a specific component

I can’t switch to “Data Picker” inside of “Repeat element” (Screenshot 1) I’ve created a vertical stack inside of the “Fauna GraphQL Fetcher” (A component that wraps GraphQL Fetcher) and want to access there the “Data Picker” (Screenshot 2)


So it seems, if I use the plain GraphQL Fetcher it works. But if I use my wrapped “Fauna GraphQL Fetcher” it’s not more working :thinking_face:

Do you have access to any of the data provided by the Faune GraphQL Fetcher? You can’t switch to the data picker when the studio cannot find any provided data

@icaro The query is returning successfully data.

When you data bind a component prop, does the data picker work?

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure, what I have to do in Plasmic to validate your question. :thinking_face:

You can try adding a text and on the left panel, right click the content of the text and bind it to data

Did you enable the providesData flag in the component registration?

While doing what you asked, I also see now, that in comparison the “GraphQL Fetcher” Root component, is still in the “Loading…” state

Regarding your 2nd message: It’s not a code first component. I was simply wrapping it inside of Plasmic:

Can you DM me your project ID please?

Unsetting the queryKey prop in the Fauna GraphQL Fetcher component solved the problem - Tributes to @icaro

@icaro not sure if this problem is technically related to the one before, but inside of the Antd Collapse Panel header I can access the data of the GraphQL Fetcher, but not in the Antd Collapse Panel Children


Hey, are you still having this problem?


I think it’s “undefined” because it has no value set yet. Click the Antd Collapse component and set the activeKey prop to edit what’s inside the Antd Collapse Panel

Indeed that helped - I think if that correlation would be more obvious, probably that will help also others :wink: Thx