Certain negative letter spacing keeps coming back

The Default Styles for multiple types of text are randomly getting a negative letter-spacing which we remove, and then it gets re-added.

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 12.49.50 PM.png

@dirty_alpaca Is it easy for you to share a video of this? (I have an idea but not sure if it’s related)

I don’t know if a video would make sense, these negative letter spacings inconsistently appear but we are monitoring it. What would you like me to video?

Oh, I just mean the way the letter-spacing is removed and reappearing

Gotcha, we are able to reset it. However, occasionally it will revert these changes we are monitoring to get a better idea of when this is happening.

Is it by any chance reappearing only when you completely remove all styles?

We haven’t reset the default styles or modified them before the negative letter spacing was added. We are importing them into another project though