Changing slot contents changes in all the variants

Hello again)
I have an icon-tab component. It has a states active and enabled. And each tab has unique icon that is why I’m creating slot. But in this case when I’m changing the color of one of the variants it automatically change another.

How can I apply slots to the tab component and at the same time how can I apply different colors for different states?

this is how it looks like. I’d like to change the color only for Enabled variant but Slot target doesn’t have option to change color for svg

Hi @married_coral, slot default contents are the only thing that cannot be vary according to variants - this is because they are not actually inside the component. Slot contents are passed in from outside, and these are just what are passed by default.

We do want to signpost to make this more clear in the tool!

@married_coral you should be able to remove the color from the default svg icon, and set a text color on the slot target. The slot target color can vary for different variants