Clearing input fields in Form component.

I am having trouble clearing input fields inside of the new Form component. I want to push a button and clear the value in the input. It works as expected when I just add an input and a button to a page or component. But when trying to use the new Form component it clears the value from the state but the field itself does not get cleared.

Unfortunately the form component does not yet support updating the values from an interaction :pensive: This is something that we do want to enable, it’s just not there yet currently

So for now is the feature intended for forms that get “submitted” and then the route changes? If I’m understanding correctly, all the examples in the announcement would either need to have their values cleared after submission or the whole page/component needs to get re-rendered.

I’m a codegen user, so I can work around this while you guys bake the feature. I’m just excited to do more mgmt of my UI in Plasmic

Yeah, probably the most common usage of the form values is submitting them to some endpoint or integration, but there is a hacky way to reset the form directly in studio, by making it conditionally rendered based on some Boolean state for instance, and then toggling that state off and on :sweat_smile:

Understood, thanks!

@yang any progress on this?

We hope to add the ability to clear the forms in likely the coming week or so