cloneElement doesn't pass the props listed

Cloning an element using cloneElement doesn’t pass the props listed

    {cloneElement(children, {
        className: '123',
        ['data-sticky']: isStickied ? 'true' : 'false',

Only thing I seem to be able to pass is children

I had been through this issue. Let me check the previous thread.

I think it’s a different context but the fact that Plasmic component that renders the Artboard isn’t the same as normal react component so It might omit certain props.

However, normal props should pass. I had used them in specific code components using cloneElement.
Can you try passing something like

   {cloneElement(children, {
        className: '123',

Also, one more thing. I have seen that there are some keywords as well. So “true” and “false” variants and number variants like 0,1,2,3 are considered as keywords. It has to be passed with “_” prefix like so

“_true”, “_false”, “_0”, “_1” etc

I saw that thread, it seems like normal props doesn’t work either

Even something like

        component="Component / Header"
          onClick: () => console.log('clicked'),
          ['testing']: '_123',

wouldn’t work

Hmm. Weird! Maybe a bug.

Btw, shouldn’t it be testing instead of ['testing']?

testing / 'testing' / ['testing'] all behave the same

at this point, it seems like giving into nested divs is the solution

hmm where are you doing cloneElement from? can you paste a little more context?

I wiped my node_modules and next cache and it seems to be working now :thinking_face: