Codegen + appRouter not working properly

oh actually it seems like what it generates isn’t really working, so it gets the new layout right and some of the new API… but not quite all the right format… hrm…

Am I to take away that codegen + appRouter is not supported?

yes the app router is not supported for both codegen and loader at the moment :confused:

hrm, dang, okay. Do you have any idea of what the roadmap for that is?

I am a bit torn on best direction, just lots of not great trade-offs:

• codegen is mostly useful for me in being able to have more control in rollout. I don’t love not really being able to have a staging vs prod for a use case that is more app like
• I don’t really love starting this new project on pages router and then having to migrate at some future point

In looking at the code, it mostly seems like the issue is primarily that the generated pages just use old APIs but all the generated components should be fine if I am using code components / custom components for data fetching?

That’s true; it’s not turn-key but you can use them from server components. Some of the generated components would have to be marked as client components (if they use state or global variants), but you can just mark them as such in the wrapper files. That said, if you care about having as much of your page rendered as server component as possible, you will have to put on your RSC hat while using Plasmic to properly nest and compose the server and client components