Codegen not syncing

Sorry for the third issue of the day!

Codegen is currently not syncing. I have my local dev server running, connected to Plasmic studio. Studio seems to be working fine, and every time I make a change I get:

Fixing import statements...
[14:37:52] Project umqBp7PH6EsELMxj7VcR5D updated to revision 4687

So it’s picking up on my changes.

Firstly, previously I saw more info than that when making changes, specifically saw mentions of new components etc, but I may be wrong.

Secondly, none of my changes are reflected on localhost:3000. Even forcing sync, specifying project ID, rebooting server don’t work. My localhost is currently showing a fairly old version of the site and I can’t get it to reflect current changes.

Will gladly share any code but unsure which code to start with.

You might have seen mentions of new components when doing codegen sync. I did see your other post about codegen too. When using codegen, you need to manually run plasmic sync to pull down new changes. See plasmic.json Configuration | Learn Plasmic for details about how to configure the version to pull down.