Codegen skipping imports for static image assets

Hey there, I have an issue on my codegen exports where It is skipping imports for static image assets on some components where the images are default content of the slot. This is making React crash with: PlasmicSignUp.jsx:853 Uncaught ReferenceError: userPlaceholderGray4JLsApRwh2Esb is not defined

Thanks; we’ve identified the issue and will be deploying a fix soon

Hey @chungwu, any news on this topic?

We had deployed a fix; are you still seeing the issue?

got that one yesterday, maybe need to update the tool… I’ll let you guys know if I have the same issue again

Uncaught ReferenceError: dogLabradorLookingAtYouUnsplashRi5CxgYaPpqe4 is not defined

this was with cli version 0.1.164, i’ve now updated 166 and ran the fix-imports script but didn’t solve.

ah I see the issue, thanks!

This should now be fixed! Please sync again