Color is not matching the inputted hex code

Color looks different to it’s color code!

Is this about figma import?

No it’s plamic editor

#FF3377 color looks different, so I captured it and took it with a color picker, and it looks #EE4E78.

Strange, I can take a look… Would you mind sharing the project URL and let me know which part of the design to look at?

Do you also see this happening anywhere else?

I can’t give you the URL… We have this problem in Flutter too. This color code always changed.

That button is plasmic capture. And I put the facebook official logo svg icon. But this one also changed to different color code…

It’s not #FF3377

@yang Last capture is one of the plasmic templates.

Colors seem right to me. Could this be something specific to your computer somehow? (Maybe due to other software running that could affect the final color…)