Copy Styles is not working as expected

It does something unexpected when clicking “Copy styles to - base” button. Component1 - before. Component2 - after copying styles from variant “v-3” to “base”. I expect that “base” variant will be the same as “v-3”. But it doesn’t hide “Hello from 1” text. In some cases it removes slot items and values for code components properties.

Fortunately, Plasmic’s undo-redo queue is long, so I could cancel hundreds of changes to get content that was removed after copying styles (and I noticed it after a lot of changes).

Hey @electronic_falcon, can you share your project ID so I can take a look in what’s happening?

Thanks! I’m able to reproduce it. We will investigate further to fix it.

Hey @electronic_falcon, we released a fix for this bug today. Let me know if you encounter any issues in “Copy styles to…”