Correct font in Chrome but not in Safari

Last question I hope (thanks for all the help thus far)

When I look at a Plasmic component in Chrome, it has the correct font (left hand side). When I look at it in Safari, the font is incorrect (right hand side). However, for all non-Plasmic components, the font is correct across both browsers. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks for the help in advance!

I seem to see the right-side font on all browsers. It looks like there’s a custom font “Untitled Sans” specified in the project, but which isn’t provided by the web app, so probably Chrome is loading the font as installed on your machine (but anyone else who doesn’t have the font installed would see Times).

I.e. I don’t see a @font-face loading Untitled Sans in the web app anywhere - if you try adding that to your code, will that fix it?

I see. I think I loaded untitled-sans (with a dash) rather than Untitled Sans (without the dash). Will give that a try. Thank you!