Custom components not loading when published.

Hey! While launching web app in plasmic studio editor mode, the whole web application work as expected. When I publish it to Plasmic hosted server - custom components are not loaded. Project ID: axA3TjhkwCE92KYS2zeiyF

Hi, do you mean you are publishing to the built-in Plasmic hosting? That does not work with custom code components because that requires your actual application code base be what is running, and we don’t have access to it

@yang, hi :wave: ok, so which ways of publishing are available in case of having custom code components?

@childlike_toucan Once you are integrated with your own codebase/application, then you just need to deploy that codebase/application—basically however you would deploy it independently of Plasmic, since now Plasmic is rendering as normal pages in your app (assuming you’re following one of the quickstarts). Common options are Vercel, Netlify, and AWS.

You can check out some options for deployment here:

You can also learn more about how the integration works here: