Dark text unreadable on Table component

More “dark” color issues - I added a Table component to a page that seems to default to Dark mode, except everything about is dark, including the text (dark on dark), which is not readable. I changed the text color to white in the Design tab, but it doesn’t do anything.

I thought this may be related to the previous issue I reported regarding the “Default dark” setting of Ant Design System, but I am not sure if this is an Ant component, since it is not listed in the Component Store > Imported Packages > Ant Design System 5.

It doesn’t seem to be an editable component, nor do I see any other ways to change any color aspects. Any ideas?

I was able to change the Table text by setting the theme’s default text color style to white, but this means that the default text color overrides the component’s text color settings - it should be the other way around. @chungwu