Database outage possibility with integration.

Good day, a question: after integrating a postgres database i noticed that it requests the data from Does that mean if your servers were to experience an outage, the data would no longer be accessible?
Also is there a way to obfuscate the url of rest api calls?

Yes; data source requests are proxied through the Plasmic servers so that database credentials are not leaked to the client.

Just to add to this, the REST API URLs are also not visible to clients

Thanks for the reply, they are though. That might be because im using codegen?

How are you making the rest API calls? There are two approaches, one is by inserting an HTTP fetcher component from the insertion menu, and this is for making queries directly from the user’s browser, in which case the rest API URL is not hidden. The other approach is by adding a data query that uses an HTTP integration on the back end, which is a backend integration and execute via plasmic servers, that’s hiding the API URL from end users

oooh i forgot you could get https using the integrations! thank you so much!