DataProvider not displaying expected values.

Is it possible the above issue would have caused issues with values from a DataProvider showing up in the UI?

I am not seeing the expected values from a DataProvider component in the canvas but I am certain it is being set as I have console.log and breakpoints where I can see the DataProvider getting set with both a name and values

(note, this issue occurs both in studio and when running locally, it seems like somehow my dataProvider is getting lost, one bit of detail is that this element is using forwardRef and useImperativeHandle to set some refActions so I wonder if that is part of the issue?)

I’m noticing something similiar I think

When I go to canvas for the Supabase Demo; there should be Gallery view of the Pokemon here; it is showing up in the localhost, but not the canvas

woop woop; i fixed it! I forgot to load the components into plasmic-host that were in plasmic-init

:face_palm: my issue was not setting the providesData value when registering the component

ahhhhh; i’ll make sure to remember that when I go about registering components. Thats a skill I’m still mastering