Defining custom metadata in Plasmic

Hi everyone!

I’m quite new to Plasmic, and I was wondering if Plasmic has a built-in way to define custom metadata besides adding key-value pairs manually from “Page Settings”?
Maybe by defining an array of objects each with a specific key and a specific set of optional values for said key, either within the plasmic.json file or even within the Plasmic project interface?

To add a bit more context, what I’m looking for is a way to limit the value options allowed to be assigned to a specific key.
This in order to avoid typos or incorrect values while adding them manually.

Ideally a dropdown interface would be really helpful for our designers, but I don’t know if that’s possible within Plasmic, any suggestions?

Not at the moment :pensive: What kind of metadata are they adding?

Oh I see.

It’s page specific related to its type and purpose, helpful for tracking purposes.

I already have another solution, but wanted to know if there was already a built-in way to do so.

Thanks and sorry for the late answer.