Deploy Plasmic site to custom server

hello, how can I deploy a Plasmic website (built with Plasmic Loader) on a custom server?
I have created a script that, after the ‘yarn build’ copies these:

tar cvfj - .next .plasmic public package.json next.config.js node_modules plasmic*

and I open the archive on the server… it used to work, but now the page I see on my localhost (correctly loaded from Plasmic website) is different from the one I see on my online server.
In the online server I see the “old” page (not updated)
[17:40] I have also tried to delete .next and .plasmic dirs and rebuild from scratch, but with no luck

hmm what kind of server are you running? Are you expecting to serve static html and js files?

My application consists of two parts:

  1. the frontend, built in nextjs + plasmic
  2. the backend with all the REST functions built in nodejs

The server is nginx and the two apps are running using pm2

so, in general, yes… the frontend can be considered static I think

hmm on the server, are you just running next start? And you’re hoping to update it by copying over the new files that you built with yarn build ? Have you tried restarting your production next server? I’m not sure if the prod server is meant to be watching for changes