Deployed version is older than published version

Having an issue that deploy version is older than published version in Plasmic: Plasmic id: g8tm7Mx9PMyCsuE5m4e5dq - deployed version:

Hi! I’m seeing version 25.1.4 is the one that is deployed, which seems to match up with the latest published version. To help me debug - what are you expecting to see but is wrong at the deployed url?

On the home page if you scroll down to the starry background near the learn more you should see a gray bar and then below What’s New it shows “Connect With Us” this does not align with the Home “/” in plasmic

One sec I think it might be a cacheing issues with Nextjs

So I found out if I go to another page and then back to Home it is fixed. But if I reload the home it is broken.

you’re right I see it too; looking…

Not sure if it is plasmic or nextjs

hmm I suspect something funky happened at hydration time (the initial html looks right, and the plasmic data looks right)

Interesting. Any advice where to investigate?

strange that I don’t see any hydration warnings in the console though

any chance we could get access to your repo?

So it is a private github repo. How would I share it?

Please let me know if this helps:


ok, sent the invite via github to plasmicops

Ah, the issues are with nested links during hydration. It is illegal to embed an <a/> inside another <a/> . This is happening in three places:
• The “link” for the count down clock, containing the “Learn more” link
• In the “Join Us” section, for the last Card, the Card is a link, containing the links to YouTube / Facebook etc.
• In the “Know God” banner, which is also a link, containing the “Learn more” link.
The problem is fixed by making the “outer” link not a link…

That’s not very satisfying :confused: Often you do want this nested link structure (a clickable “Card” containing other links). The “typical” solution is to not let the container be a link, but instead to add a link at the the beginning of the container that is absolutely positioned and “covers” the container. We should make this easier to build :thinking_face:

ok, I will look into that. Thanks for researching it. I will let you know if I can’t solve it.

Probably solved. Thanks again and I learned not to nest links.