Deploying Plasmic website with dynamic page fails.

Anybody else having issues with deploying a plasmic website that contains a dynamic page that uses a slug like /some-page/[slug]? I’ve already posted an issue like this here and @samuel was inspecting it. I’ve initially deployed the plasmic website to vercel, which works for all static pages, but giving a 500 for all slug-based pages. Transitioning to Netlify helped a bit, sometimes it crashes randomly anyway. I’ve then tried several things (with all working locally and within studio):
• creating a new slug-based page that uses page queries instead of REST fetcher – fails on vercel (also fails on netlify)
• creating a fresh project with 2 pages, one static, one slug-based dynamic WITHOUT any fetcher – fails
◦ tried create-plasmic-app with nextjs+loader+pages – fails
◦ tried create-plasmic-app with nextjs+loader+app – fails
◦ tried create-plasmic-app with nextjs+codegen+pages – fails
• creating a fresh project in a fresh user account, with 2 pages, one static, one slug-based dynamic without fetcher – fails
It’s really frustrating. It always works locally and in studio. I am now running out of ideas, while my customer awaits the page to make some progress :cry: Although for me it doesn’t seem like it is project-specific, you can still have a project ID if you need: swNSh11KBfeeojuJdzh4Uk (you can also have access to the code, but there is nothing special. Just ran create-plasmic-app , set the name, project url, then pushed to git)

had another idea (that unfortunately failed as well…). I’ve installed a fresh nextjs project (forcibly at version 12), followed the code-tutorial to add plasmic with loader etc, pushed, fails exactly the same as with create-plasmic-app :sob:

First attempt that worked!! Using nextjs12 and downgrade @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs to “1.0.253”! Works for static, dynamic slug based and dynamic slug based with rest fetcher (for the plain project swNSh11KBfeeojuJdzh4Uk). But unfotunately doesn’t work for our project that I worked on for a week now (oHicYvUAkY2FcEoA2YLc29) – so there is still something nasty going on

now got the main project working. Not sure which measure worked in the end, but it may be a combination of downgrading the loader-nextjs + removing the antd design from project settings. But it must be noted that it’s working with nextjs 13.3.1, so the downgrade of nextjs wasn’t the solution

Hey Dennis! We greatly appreciate your in-depth investigation of this issue. We have also identified some fixes that we can make, and I am currently working on implementing them.
I will notify you as soon as they are deployed.