Detected Multiple Components with the same name


Had this issue appear and cannot access my project. However, I did not register any hostless-youtube component at all. Project was working as normal previously and no new components have been registered, however this error suddenly appeared

Hi Jeremy, can you share which project URL this was in?

Hi, this is the project ID: 2VPLRe9jEbvQ4gVEKg84py

I did some changes (non-code) to it previously that might’ve broke it, if there’s no way to resolve this quickly, could a rollback to a prev version be possible? Thanks!

You can use the left tab that lists previous published versions to roll back to an earlier version, let me know if you see that!

Nope, was unable to find it. Is it at the home page where all projects are listed?

It’s inside of your project, once you open your project, on the left hand side you’ll see a sidebar that has a strip of icons, one of them corresponds to past versions.

Oh sorry but I’m unable to open the project at all, since opening the project gives me the above error at the top of the post and the project doesnt load

Hello Jeremy! Your project should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble